Take a look at where you fish!

Individual spots

The map allows you to precisely record all spots on a body of water and to equip them with appropriate attributes. Which and how many fish did you catch in the spots, which bait did you use and what were the special features of the spot. Obstacles can be marked and distances measured.

Preparation is everything

Above all, the place where you sit can be set in relation to the spots. In this way you can provide your statistics with a basis for the evaluations and are optimally prepared for the next time. Since the map is global, it can be used to plan future fishing trips and everyone knows that preparation is everything!

Crystal clear

You can see at a glance where you have already fished and where your waters are. With the GPS of the end device (smartphone), the spots can be determined with an accuracy of 1-2 meters. So Fishy also helps you to lay out the rods from the boat and the built-in compass helps you find the spots even in darkness and fog.